Fastest Growing Hobbies in USA

There are thousands of hobbies out there and many people have a favorite. We have all heard of people collecting stamps, baseball cards and even rare coins. There are a few hobbies that are really taking off in the United States. Some are not very surprising, however, you may not believe some you read.

  • Birding – Birding is the hobby of both birdwatching and bird listening. The hobby of birding can be traced back to the 18th century when hunters would listen and watch for a potential dinner. Later, wealthy people began collecting the feathers of exotic birds, this resulted in the Audubon Society being formed. Throughout the years more and more people continue to take up the hobby of birding, mostly because it is relaxing and cheap. There are also competitions held across the US where entries compete to locate the most birds.
  • Model Rocketry –  There are many levels of model rocketry and many people can remember launching their first model rockets in grade school. Model rocket kits can come already assembled and only need to be taking out of the box, while other model rockets need to be built from scratch. Since NASA is moving in a new direction with their program, many private companies are trying to start a space program. This has prompted many rocketeers into building their own rockets to compete for a government contract.
  • Genealogy – This is the study of families and tracing back a particular persons heritage. Most hobbyist will trace back their own ancestry or that of a friend or spouse. Professional genealogists may also conduct the investigation, and there are many websites that will do the work for you.

These are just a few examples of some popular hobbies that seem to be taking America by storm. All the hobbies listed are great for beginners and always offer a ton of fun to families. So if you want to see nature, explore space, or learn about your family history, we suggest picking up one of the hobbies listed above.